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Pixels vs Percentage

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Pixels vs Percentages

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Handling Content Pre-Formatting

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Handling Content Pre-Formatting

One of the many ‘joys’ of  WP and Elementor environment is that there are numerous ways of how text can be introduced to make up parts of your site content. Text is very versatile in that it can easily be copied and pasted back and forth across applications e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel e.t.c. However, if and when not done properly, can lead to a lot of frustration when it comes to context layout in terms of sizing, font availability and continued amendment in Elementor.

Common 'Copy' and 'Paste' Issues

  • Loss of original format once pasted in new environment
  • Incompatibility and unavailability of copied font – leading to a mismatch
  • Some loss of functionality of formatting tools within WP – Elementor  – due to lack of recognition of original format
  • Could end up with different displays of font types on different devices ( nothing like responsiveness differences,  but rather unwanted and unstructured  content).

Tips for Overcoming Formatting Issues

Whenever copying text from an external application, make sure that when ready to paste, ‘paste as simple text’, this way, the text will be stripped of its original formatting and take on that of its new environment.

Alternatively, simple apply:

  • PC: CTRL +V
  • Mac: Command + V

In Addition also:

  • As much as possible try and stay away from adding various formatting ‘thrills’ to your content.
  • Try using the ‘Block Editor’ to copy from  Microsoft Word to WP-Elementor (I will write a separate block to fully address this) and likewise you can copy over text from google docs using the same facility.

Can you relate to any of the issues covered in this blog? Share your comments below, I would love to hear from you.  

Till the next blog.

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