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WP - Elementor

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

A Justification for WP - Elementor for E-commerce Solutions

Initially this site re-design (originally designed using dreamweaver however, its design strategy tools appeared to be a bit restrictive and more time consuming, plus developers were really beginning to explore elementor and its capabilities. was using just WP but then decided to add elementor to further widen my design approach and believe you  me, I have no regrets so far!

The site that this project focuses on was originally just a sort of showcase with no online purchase functionality. However, now that I am more comfortable with the functionalities and intricacies of Elementor, I have decided to challenge myself by taking things a bit further.

Introducing a wider/mixed menu functionality; ‘FusionFlavor’ online ordering system to the existing restaurant (Steak Shack – ‘Take Out’), so that not only fast-food but also traditional meals can be viewed and purchased online – which during times like this is really a necessity!

This version of the online system will also be done completely using WP-Elementor and any other relevant resources.

I will be documenting my design journey during this project, so please feel free to subscribe to my design blog and read and share contents and of course don’t forget to contribute. You can also otherwise drop me a line,

Restaurant Ordering Online System

The focus of this project is on the design and development of an online ordering service for a restaurant. To view the site ordering development process click on button below.

NGO CASE STUDY - WP E-Commerce Solutions with Elementor

NGO Informational Site with an added Online Course Ordering System

The focus of this project is to re-design an existing website which redundant in design and functionality.
(a) To design and develop an informational site that is fully optimized.

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

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