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Dreamweaver versus WP

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

Design Platform Exploration - justification

So, design platforms, to be honest my preference really depends on how close to the outcome I am hoping to achieve the platform can get me.   There are so many applications on the market,  each with it’s own merits and demerits. However, for a developer there are a range of different things that determines their individual choice/s. 

First, is the design platform widely available? with the many applications that are now open-source, it would simply be ridiculous not to take advantage of such resources! e.g.  Amaya, Notepad++, JavaScript, Python etc.  The interesting thing is that developers tend to go for  applications/design platforms that either challenge their knowledge and skills or simply because of its flexibility in design.

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

My Comparison Project

For this project focus, I will be  using both Dreamweaver and WP Elementor design platforms.  The project in question is a Rib-Meat restaurateur, the site can be viewed here .

Just in case if you have come directly to my site via this page, this project is currently ongoing (June 2021) and my experiences will be shared in my site blog shortly (to be up and running by the end of July 2021).

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