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My Story

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

about me

I’m Tabitha, a UI/UX , CX and Web Designer based in Florida US.  My greatest passion  is  creative design.  My journey has been from database programming and interface design using visual basic coupled with being an IT trainer.

Why UI/UX?

Why not? UI/UX appears to be the one very unique environment/platform that provides the tools and resources that actually is interested in not just designing lovely interfaces and applications, but focus on how technology can work/serve for ‘humans’ and not the other way around!

I find it quite interesting exploring, brainstorming and applying  different applications interface and web design solutions (e.g.  methodologies such as proprietary, HTML, CSS, JS, Dreamweaver, Elementor WordPress e.t.c.). 

What makes me Different?

  • I have a strong background in Interface  design and have served on contracts with a range of clients i.e. Profit and Not-for-Profit – teaching me how to best empathize and gather design possibilities from problem scenarios.
  • Also, I am a well seasoned assessor and IT trainer (worked with both young and adult learners – in institutions and workplace).
  • In addition, I am also a Curriculum Developer; designed  specialized bespoke courses for both private and academic institutions.

Three unique things about me

During my spare time I am usually found  watching sci-fi movies ( I am a die hard Trekkie).

My guilty pleasure meal is rice, rice, rice and more rice along with just about anything else that goes with it (healthy always of course!).   

I also enjoy relaxing with a glass/cup of herbal tea. It serves kind of like my creativity muse along with  some music. From slow ‘rhythm and blues’ along with  a bunch of 60 – 70’s   songs e.g.  Petula Clark “Downtown”,  Lesley Gore “You don’t own me”,  Marvin Gaye “I heard it through the  Grapevine” etc.  

So,  if you are ready, let’s  GO and  get a move on. 

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