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Welcome to Steak Shack - Take Out Online Ordering System

If you are viewing this page, then it must be that you are interested or at least curious as to how two different development environments ‘add’ or ‘take-away’ from an e-commerce designed website. 

Steak Shack – Take Out was originally designed using dreamweaver (DW), however, without the full functionality of the ordering part of the site.  At the same time, I have come to really like wordpress using elementor and decided to see how they actually weigh up against each other. 

I do have an added bonus though, with elementor I can add in snipppets of code that further enhance the design – so let’s see how it turns out.

Maybe you are a full seasoned WP/ Elementor developer I would love to hear from you e.g. share your experiences and tips.

Steak Shack - Take Out Online Ordering System - (WP Version)

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