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Using Dreamweaver

UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

Using Dreamweaver for E-commerce Solutions - A Justification

Dreamweaver is one of those web design applications that has been around like forever! right from the days of Macromedia – it has come quite a long way. Nowadays, there is a large host of applications that can get the job done and even better in some instances, but at the end of the day it really all boils down to personal preference. The Site in question, I original built using dreamweaver initially just for illustrative and informative purposes.

However, as I delved more and more into WP-Elementor, I thought that it might be a good challenge for me to actually test the boundaries of dreamweaver for e-commerce purposes using Woo-Commerce/Woo-Commerce Blocks.

So, by the end of this specific web design platform comparison, I should have a fully functional online restaurant front for site, designed and developed in dreamweaver. Also, to charter my journey, join and contribute to my design blog to read and share of the high’s and low’s of my design journey experiences.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any queries regarding the project e.g. design tips/tricks  or even questions.

Dreamweaver Restaurant Online Ordering System

The focus of this project is on the design and development of an online ordering service for a restaurant. To view the development process click on button below.
UI/UX,Wireframing Graphical illustrations

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