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Project Portfolio Engagement Journey

Below are some Portfolio Design Samples of my work done for clients (Private and Not-for-Profit). Usually, when I design and develop sites, I tend to use a variety of platforms e.g.: WordPress –  Elementor, Dreamweaver, WIX and GoDaddy, adding a variety to my portofolio, not to mention the added advantage of working on projects that are of a diverse nature.

Project Samples

Dreamweaver  – Order Menu Design

Dreamweaver -vs- WordPress

WordPress  – Order Menu Design

For this specific part of  my portfolio project (comparison), it is more of self taught – exploration project,  to further develop my approach into UI/UX design and rationale for using specific application  over another when it comes to an e-commerce site/interface design.

Although I have experience using both applications it sort of seemed to be that WP – Elementor has more of an edge over Dreamweaver 

As this project is still currently ongoing, updates will be made available via my blog page (which will be fully up and running by the ending of July 2021).

Once the blog is up and running, it will be for the purpose of a forum where designers can engage with me and exchange design ideas – which I would also very much like to feed back into my  design project. 

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