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Steak Shack - Take Out'

A passion for preparing meats delicately and professionally has always been a long time family tradition for the Robinson's. It all started with the Robinson's family whom as passionate farmers with a flourishing husbandry( i.e. cattle and poultry), always loved to give and share within their local community. Every Thanksgiving and New Year's day Mr. Robinson would volunteer to provide and prepare meats for his community along with his family in Coral Springs in Florida US. This practice soon became a very well known tradition called 'Steak Shack' in the very early 1980's and eventually further progressed on to become a firmly established business by the mid 1990's and registered as 'Steak Shack - Take Out'.

We have provided meats for hundreds of clients over the years for different types of occassions e.g. weddings, bar mitzvah's, graduations and the list goes on. We also have a sit-in barbacue rick house where we prepare all of our meats, live on a traditional grill - we love originality, which is why we have continued to partner up with reputable farmers rearing and producing organic meats and prepare everything onsite; nothing is prepackaged, we use only natural ingredients to season and prepare our dishes along with natural herbs in their raw form.

We have won many awards within the catering industry associated with meat preparation and also pride ourselves in being a five-star restaurant.


New Developments a 'Steak Shack - Take Out'

In light of COVID-19, we have ensured that we continue to provide produce for our customers, paying attention to health and safety stipulations; our employees have each recieved updated COVID-19 training and get tested every 4 weeks, we only provide the very best for you our customers. Our newly introduced online delivery service, ensures that you our customers continue to partake of our first class produce and service; orders can be placed online with payments along with delivery dates (including location/s) can also be very easily completed - All done without you having to leave the comfort of your home.





Steak Shack Original Ranch in USA (Before and After with Cattle)